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About Us

Initially established to manufacture sheepskin seat covers Easirider very quickly added Lambswool Over Rugs to our production portfolio. Traditionally found mainly in Rolls-Royce & Bentley we set about making them available for owners of  all marques. They became, and remain, our principal activity.


The Easirider Company was formed in 1971 by Peter Robinson.

Peter had been travelling through Europe and discovered the superb comfort that sheepskin offers as an upholstery material. On his return to the UK he found it impossible to buy sheepskin seat covers locally so he set about finding a suitable tannery and persuaded them to prepare appropriate sheepskins so that he could make his own.

Soon, friends and neighbours and their friends and neighbours started to ask where they could buy them. Before long business reached a point where Peter decided to leave his job and set up a dedicated company specialising in sheepskin for the car.

 In 1976 Charles Afford and Christine Fisher joined Easirider and they still form the back-bone of the company.


Very few things have encouraged universal enthusiasm as much as the motor vehicle. We have customers from all walks of life in every corner of the globe and the one thing they have in common is the enjoyment they derive from their cars.

Easirider make rugs for specialist car manufacturers, restorers, dealers and owners throughout the world.


Ours  is a Bespoke Service.

Your rugs will be made for your specific car and you will be able to choose from an extensive colour range.

Premium quality fleeces are cut to shape, backed with automotive industry fabric and padded with cushioning felt.

Drivers rugs include a shoe friendly quilted full grain black natural leather heel pad (can be left off if you prefer).

Wherever possible we use car specific fixings for the driver’s rug and if not suitable or available we use a generic mat pin system.

Our overugs are always shipped using trackable services provided by companies like UPS, DHL & DPD.


A visit to our www.sheepskinshop.co.uk will show you our range of sheepskin seat covers and other products such as Lambswool Wash Mitts.

In addition we can supply flame tested & certified fleeces which are suitable for use on aircraft seating.