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Our archive is an A – Z of motoring history, most premium brand British and European Cars are represented in depth in both RHD & LHD variants.

If we don’t have templates for your car we will endeavour to locate one, if that isn’t possible and it is practical to do so we will arrange to measure your vehicle. If all other options fail we will work to customer provided templates.

Below we show typical configurations and will be pleased to advise which format is correct for your requirements.

Single Rug

Typically a driver’s rug as shown here but we can supply any individual you may require.

Pair of Rugs

Sports car and coupes may only require front rugs or chauffeur driven cars may just require rugs for the rear. This option covers both eventualities.

Three Piece Set

Four Wheel Drive SUV’s quite mostly have virtually flat rear footwells so that the rear passenger compartment is covered in one piece. The set is completed with a front pair of rugs.

Four Piece Set

Most modern saloon cars are designed with four individual footwells separated by a raised centre transmission tunnel. This option provides a tailored rug for each footwell.

Five Piece Set

Aimed at Standard Saloons this set includes a fifth rug to cover the rear transmission tunnel.

Two Piece Set

Pre-monocoque cars such as Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds and similar have virtually flat floors which require the over rugs to cover the entire floor in two door to door sections, one for the rear compartment, and one for the front.

Limousine Rug

Designed for the rear passenger compartment of large state limousines such as the Rolls Royce Phantom IV, V & VI. They cover the floor door to door and can take into account foot rests, cocktail cabinets and foldaway seats.

Boot/Trunk Rug

Clients often ask us to supply a matching fitted over rug for the boot or load area of their cars.